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Brandy “Borderline

Brandy "Borderline" New Music from Brandy "Borderline" Impacting R&B Radio August 10th & 11th See Brandy's Borderline Video Follow Brandy: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Contact: Mauric... Read More...
Tamar and Kanye

Faces of Mental Illness: Kanye & Tamar

Tamar Braxton's fans are praying that people show Kanye West as much compassion as they showed her over the last several days amid her hospitalization. The 43-year-old is in stable condition and on the road to ... Read More...

Kanye for President?

Kanye for President? Would someone please tell Koon-ye that we already one clown in the White House. We really don't need anther one? Go make some music and chill bro! Update: Call him The Elector... Read More...