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tama gucci out of order

Tama Gucci is Black Vapor Wave Excellence

Miami singer/songwriter Tama Gucci brings dream-pop and synth vibes the neo-soul for front. With several EPs under his belt dating back to 2014 Tama Gucci is already carrying weight in the game. Not much is kno... Read More...
Triathalon - Online

Triathalon – Online

Isn't it incredible when you discover a band on accident? I first became aware of Brooklyn based experimental Soul Band triathalon when the automatic play feature on Spotify played their song "South Side" after... Read More...
Eddie Zuko

Is Eddie Zuko the Male Kali Uchis?

Eddie Zuko is a 23-year old rapper and singer from Imperial Valley, CA. His chill laid back Chicano sound packs a lot of soul and Southern California flavor. On top of that Zuko seems like a pretty nice dude to... Read More...