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After leaving a successful cosmetology career and graduating from the American Academy of Broadcasting (yes, these schools did exist at one time) Dee Rollins-Britt realized she was amongst the fortunate ones to land a radio gig a day after graduation at WUSS, the first African-American owned station in metro Atlantic City, NJ area.  The gig was actually covering for staff vacations over a three week period while doing weather, traffic and news during morning drive. Those three weeks grew to thirteen years during which time she became a permanent weekday fixture with a weekend hip hop show “Rap Tracks” and a promotion to Music Director. The station was very active in the New Jersey coastal community yet she badgered then PD, Lee Sherman to do more.  WUSS was sold in the mid 90’s, the format flipped to gospel and Dee emerged renewed.  After hosting the TV show “Gospel Grooves” for three years, while juggling her WUSS on-air duties, she took a leap of faith with start-up WXXY/WEHA to host the “Powerful Praise” show where she remains today.  In 2013, she’s celebrating her 31st year in radio and the 5th anniversary her “Sisters Strengthening Sisters” initiative July 11-13th.  The organization serves to celebrate women in ministry, business and the community along with a teen mentoring program.  The always humble Dee says “Trust me, the first few years were a struggle (and please underline that word). I knew I couldn’t disappoint Lee Sherman because he didn’t have to take a chance on me and give me the opportunity to have a 31 year career. But, when I was given an award a few years later by Jack The Rapper he told me, I’ve given you award so now you can’t quit! Even then, I surely didn’t know what I was being prepared to do and today. You may say I am old school but trust me, that’s the best school.”

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