Dominique Lee

Dominique Lee

Entrepreneur Dominique Lee has announced the launch of the African American Food Network TV on Comcast, starting February 17th, 2016. The inception and creation of the TV Network is designed to give African Americans and minority consumers a chance to experience food related shows and to showcase great African American food curators. Visit the African American Food Network trailer.
The TV Network also offers an opportunity to buy kitchen and food products with the in house show, African American Kitchen & Food Shopping Network. African Americans spend $850 annually on food and good services.
Great shows such as “Sister to Sister Cooking” and “Momma Loves to Cook” and many more will spotlight great talent so everyone will see African American chefs nationwide.
For more in please contact For casting, forward info to or call 317-709-3599 or 702-218-9681.


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  1. Dwight Evans

    PSA: African American Food Network Scam Artist !!! DO NOT DEAL WITH #DOMINIQUEWHITE A BOGUS fake CEO trying to take your money to put you on the cover (that cost you $250 )of his non-existent #AfricanAmericanChefsMagizne he’s taking your pics off your fb pages to show that he is valid but the Chefs dont even know that their on his so called cover page and they get paid nothing to use their image. He makes promises to get you on the #SteveHarvey show but its gonna cost you 500 to get your name trademarked before he turns you on to the producer…. DON’T BE TAKEN BY THIS FAST TALKING HUSTLER!!!! PLEASE REPOST AND TAG ALL OF CHEF FRIENDS AND SHUT DOWN HIS SCAM BUSINESS!!!!! HE DON’T REALIZE THAT WE CHEFS TALK TO EACH OTHER AND I’M NOT THE FIRST CHEF THAT HE’S TRIED TO TO SHAKE DOWN FOR MONEY.


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