ron-and-lj-of-the-dramaticsIn a long-term dispute over the controlling interest of R&B ‘70s soul group, the legendary Dramatics, L.J. Reynolds and Sandra Banks, wife and Estate representative of deceased group member Ronald Dean Banks mutually agree that the Estate of Ronald Dean Banks shall receive a fee from each concert performed by The Dramatics featuring L.J. Reynolds. To keep Banks’ legacy alive and to contribute to the welfare of his wife and children, both Reynolds and Sandra Banks are united in their decision to do what’s best for the legacy and the brand of the group. As the lead singer of the group, Reynolds continues to handle the day-to-day business management, promotion, marketing and merchandising of the group. For over four decades, The Dramatics dazzling vocal blend wowed audiences all over the world. With nearly 40 Top ten singles, The Dramatics displayed a distinctive sound with a blend of rich harmonies of lead and background vocals that transcended music, genres, and generations. With Reynolds’ powerful and soulful tenor and charismatic energy, The Dramatics music continues to shine.

lj-and-the-dramaticsWith a cascade of classics, The Dramatics delivered timeless hits such as “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get,” “Get Up and Get Down,” “In the Rain,” “Fall in Love, Lady Love,” “Hey You, Get Off My Mountain,” “Fell For You,” “Thankful For Your Love,” “And I Panicked,” “My Ship Won’t Sail Without You,” “Door To Your Heart,” “Your Fooling You,” “(I’m Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes,” “Me And Mrs. Jones,” “The Dramatic Theme/Treat Me Like A Man,” “Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything),” “Be My Girl,” “I Can’t Get Over You,” “Do What You Wanna To Do,” “Shake It Well,” “Stop Your Weeping,” “That’s My Favorite Song,” “Welcome Back Home,” “It Ain’t Rainin’ (On Nobody’s House But Mine),” “Be With The One You Love,” and “Somewhere in Time,” as well as other countless masterpieces.

The group ushered in a new generation of fans to the power of The Dramatics’ sound when they collaborated with Snoop Dogg to create the hip-hop classic, “Doggy Dogg World.” Later, the Dramatics partnered with Snoop and recorded “Ballin’.”  The group released, The Very Best Christmas, a timeless holiday album, and The Dramatics: Greatest Hits Live, a live CD recorded at a concert in New Haven, Connecticut.

Reynolds’ current solo album, Get To This features the hit single, “Come Get to This/Stepping Out Tonight,” which peaked at No. 24 on Mediabase’s Urban Adult Contemporary chart. Other chart toppers include “Cheating on Me,” and “You Sure Love to Ball,” each song has an accompanying video on YouTube.

Reynolds’ forthcoming and ninth solo album is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2017. He has recorded and produced a remake of Marvin Gaye’s classic, “Mercy, Mercy Me/Stop The War, Save The World” (I Just Can’t Stop Dancing). He also rerecorded a brand new version of his 70s hit classic, “Key To The World,” now retitled “Giving All My Love, Key To The World.” He rededicates this song to his lifelong fans. The album will also feature “Bad Girl,” featuring The Dramatics.

At the age of five, the Saginaw and Detroit native began performing as a member of Ziggy Johnson’s High Steppers.  A tap dancer, young Reynolds was the only boy among 30 girls who comprised of the children’s dance troupe, a popular attraction in Michigan and throughout Canada. Then, one day, producer Johnson asked Reynolds and sister to sing a number in the show. “People started throwing money on the stage when we started singing,” Reynolds recalls. “So I figured I better stick to singing.” Although Reynolds is best-known for his robust lead vocals on such classics by The Dramatics as “Fell For You,” “Door To Your Heart,” “Me and Mrs. Jones,” Reynolds also made some distinguished gospel recordings including The Winans’ signature hit, “Tomorrow.”


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