New Jersey bred Atlanta based rapper Kay P is taking the internet by storm one music video at a time. The combination of quick witted punchlines and references to video games makes him a valuable asset to the game. I first became aware of Kay P through his work with Johnny Gee. At the suggestion of Tivo-Saki, I was urged to explore his catalog. Holding a wealth of music videos, Kay P’s aura is reminiscent of Lil B.

Kay P’s been featured on YouTube music video hosting platforms like Elevator Mag and Astari, so it’s no question that he’s for the culture. Add in some production from Charlie Shuffler who’s previously worked with Lil Peep and Lil Tracy and you’ve got yourself another emcee who’s headed for the top! His most recent project M.O.M.M is available to stream on Spotify!


Kay P

I’m excited to be seeing Kay P live at Midnight Massacre on August 4th in L.A.!

Midnight Massacre


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