BadassEver since The New York Times referred to Raul Midon as “a one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus” and People magazine coined him the “eclectic adventurist,” this New Mexico native has amassed a diverse “celebrity fan club” ranging from the likes of David Letterman to Bill Withers and Jason Mraz.

Midón’s current release “Bad Ass and Blind” is nominated for a Grammy® award in the Best Jazz Vocal category this week. The album consists of the recipe that is Raul Midon with a cup of Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau and Bobby McFerrin, two tablespoons of Wayne Shorter seasoning, all master mixed together by Miles Davis.

Raul’s sophisticated musical pallet goes far beyond the harmony, instrumentation as his vocal ability challenges you to believe it all comes from one person.

As I took a few minutes to rewind to my first Raul encounter in 2005 his debut single Expressions of Love f/ Stevie Wonder spoke to me like an indulgence in comfort sould food (preferably my mom’s mac & cheese) after a bad break-up, quickly bringing me back together.

Midon explains his vibe by reminding all, “As a listener, you don’t need to know anything about the Phrygian or Dorian modes to get this music – it just sounds different, intriguing, exotic.” To further immerse yourself in “the Raul experience,” visit

The Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony that includes the Best Jazz Vocal category in which Raul is nominated will stream live this Sunday, Jan. 28, from 3-6 p.m. ET.

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