Terrence Lemont Faison better known as King Moe is the next thing smoking out of the Tar Heel State. The Wayne County, NC native moved out to sunny Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a hip-hop star and hasn’t looked back. His debut project O.I.L. (Obstacles in Life) released in 2016. Fast forward to the present, the 24 year-old emcee has dropped his latest single titled “Fresher Than You” which tells the story of how he went from hood to Hollywood all from rhyming. “Everyone frowned upon me for being homeless, seeping in a car, while chasing my dream to me making it out of that situation. It’s produced by Mellow Productionz and can be streamed here.

PALM expects nothing but big things to come for King Moe. He is the head of his own label TBC (The Billionaire Cirkuit), built behind the promise of love and loyalty. “You don’t have to be rich in wealth, you an be rich in health and spirit.” After serving in the army for two and a half years,  Moe packed up from his stationing in Kentucky and left for California with his girlfriend. Prior to this move, his military duties led him to Africa to assist with the Ebola outbreak.

​King Moe is gearing up to release TWHT (The West Hell Theory), which is his memoir on what he’s been through to make it this far. “You can go through hell to make it to heaven. Back in North Carolina there’s a place called West Haven that’s so crazy we call it west hell!” This project will reflect the struggle to make it out of where he came from and on to bigger and brighter things.


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