In early August 6 we reported that “Hurricane Dave” Smith had exited as VP of Programming & Operations for Radio One Atlanta. On August 14, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Rodney Ho ran a story that intimated that Smith’s unscheduled departure may have been linked to an August 5 lawsuit filed against Smith and Radio One by Feleg Abraham, a.k.a. Shorty Mack, a former air personality on Radio One Urban WHTA (Hot 107.9)/Atlanta, who now does mid-days on Davis Broadcasting Urban WFXE (Foxie 105)/Columbus, GA.

This week a letter circulated from James L. Walker, Jr., who identified himself as “Hurricane Dave’s personal lawyer and co-counsel on the litigation defense team.” The letter states, in part, “Following the lawsuit filed by on-air personality ‘Shorty Mac’ against Radio One, Inc., and programming director ‘Hurricane’ Dave Smith, the legal team of Hurricane Dave today filed an Answer and Counterclaim denying all allegations of sexual harassment and counter-suing ‘Shorty Mac’ for defamation, false light, malicious prosecution, and other intentional torts.”

Walker stated, “There is no other way to say this except bluntly: the allegations against Dave Smith are 100% false. Mr. Smith is an honorable husband, father, colleague and friend. He categorically denies all allegations of harassment generally, and specifically refutes assertions filed by the plaintiff in this matter.” The letter continues, “Mr. Smith readily agrees that sexual harassment in any form is a serious breach of trust and personal autonomy; no woman, man or child should be subjected to it. However, falsely accusing someone of sexual harassment when it has not occurred is itself malicious and life-altering.”

Smith’s legal team also wishes to note that, “Mr. Smith was not fired for sexual harassing any employee(s), as will become clear as this case progresses. Radio One promptly investigates employee complaints of sexual harassment, and if any such investigation had revealed any wrongdoing by Mr. Smith, he presumably would have been terminated at that time. We encourage and expect Radio One to confirm that, indeed, Mr. Smith was not terminated for sexually harassing anyone.”

In closing, the letter states, “Mr. Smith is sincerely grateful to all those who have called or sent emails, text messages, and letters of support. He looks forward to disproving and discrediting those who seem intent upon furthering a campaign of lies and mistruths. Mr. Smith and his legal team have no further comment at this time.”

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