The Family Stand Featuring Sandra St. Victor

Presents Their Moon In Scorpio Album Concert Marking 30th Anniversary Return to Live Venue Performances

Family StandThe Family Stand who have garnered a raucous  worldwide following with their live shows and signature brand of soul searing funk, blended with socio-political pop, free jazz, hip hop and hardcore rock, will mark their 30th Anniversary reunion to live venue performances during their  Moon In Scorpio  Full Album Concert, produced by Black Rock Coalition. Known for their expansive musical range and impeccable musicianship, the original trio, powerhouse vocalist/keyboard wizard Peter Lord, vocalist multi-instrumentalist V. Jeffrey Smith and soul siren Sandra St. Victor will perform cuts from their swansong set “Moon In Scorpio” for the first time in its entirety, with their  stomp-down, funk-filled concerts. Their first stop will be in New York City at the Cutting Room on March 25th. The Family Stand are also in the studio recording their next album, with plans to release the first single this year.  

Stated Sandra St. Victor, “New York is where The Family Stand was born and bred in the foundation of Ebbets Field bricks in Brooklyn. Coming back to the city is like coming back home to play for family and some new music. They’re our biggest supporters, and our worst critics at the same time. We’re excited and stoked to be in front of our tribe again. We’re ready!”

 The Family Stand will stimulate audiences with their sizzling stagecraft and memorable imprints, performing songs like ”Plantation Radio,” and “The Education Of Jamie,” that turn topical political content into eargasms. At another end of the spectrum will be  “Ghetto Heaven,” the song that  became their biggest hit back in the 90s, with the Soul II Soul remix becoming a stand out track from the release, gaining plays in every club in the world. “Ghetto Heaven” was also revived in 2000 by rap artist Common on his best-selling “Like Water For Chocolate” album as a duet with D’Angelo with Macy Gray featured as the female vocalist in the European remix video for the song.

Ghetto Heaven:

In a heart-felt tribute to their dear friend, musical genius Prince, The Family Stand will perform at a special charity event sponsored by the PRN Alumni Foundation in Minneapolis at The Fine Line on April 18th. Together with former artists of Paisley Park, The Family Stand and other select artists will join together in concert  to continue to carry out the icon’s generosity and contributions he founded, that support youth programs dedicated to the education, enrichment and expression of music, tech and the arts.  “Prince’s charitable support  provided opportunities for so many others to help fulfill their dreams in music and in the arts. He was our dear friend, and iconic genius who touched the world with his gifted talent.  We are so honored to support  Prince’s  initiatives, and continue to carry out his vision, his spirit and generosity to our communities,” commented St. Victor.

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