Alvin Garrett “Something’s Different This Time”


A Powerful New Song For Today’s Trying Times

Alvin Garrett

“Something’s Different This Time”

Something’s Different is on:

WKZJ-Columbus, WIMX-Toledo, WKXI-Jackson,
WTYB-Savannah, KOKY-Little Rock, WTUG-Tuscaloosa,
WRBO-Memphis, WTTH-Atlantic City, KDKS-Shreveport,
KRMP-OKC, KSSM-Killeen-Temple, WAKB-Augusta,
WJUC-Toledo, WMJM-Louisville, WMPZ-Chattanooga,
WTLZ-Saginaw, WWDM-Columbia, WBHK-Birmingham,

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Grammy-nominated songwriter, Alvin Garrett, has written and produced the theme song for today’s racial and social justice issues in America with his new single, “Something’s Different This Time”. With classic soul style and a passionate sound for racial justice reminiscent of Motown in the 1960’s, “Something’s Different This Time” harnesses the cry for change within its melodies this Black Music Month.
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    I would be so happy to listen to the songs performed by this famous singer. These seem be the best tracks I have ever listened to.


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