whitney-houston-kim-burrellNewMusicServer.com has expanded into the gospel music format. The expansion marks the 10th format serviced by the company. “I’m really proud how far we’ve come in the last decade of serving the radio industry,” noted company president and founder Michael Newman. “From our roots in rhythmic and hip-hop radio, to our later expansion into country, rock and adult formats – we’ve always had the overwhelming support of programmers around the country, and worldwide. Our members keep coming back week after week, and year after year. They want all their music in one easy-to-use place, and we’re proud to be their home.” Newman continued, “We believe there’s a hole for a lot of programmers in gospel radio, many of whom carry responsibilities for programming multiple stations and are already on our site every day. We’re excited to serve them, starting immediately.” NewMusicServer.com is available to terrestrial radio Programmers, Production Directors and hip-hop ‘mixers’ and boasts more than 17,000 members and nearly 20 million downloads. The company is headquartered in Houston, with offices in Atlanta and Chicago. For more information on NewMusicServer, contact Michael Newman at newman@newmusicserver.com or 713-777-5676.

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