BEATS MUSIC is headed by Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor. But actual music executives manage the company. “We wanted to build a service that was more than a server, one that was truly of service to the listener. We wanted to combine the trust that comes from excellent hand-picked music with the personalization that knows you’re an individual and that a handful of stations can’t satisfy all listeners,” wrote the company.

“We pulled together our personal heroes across the genres. Veteran radio programmer Julie Pilat leads our music team with Global Head of Programming and Editorial Scott Plagenhoef  (formerly PITCHFORK) overseeing our programmers, including Carl Chery (formerly XXL), Suzy Cole (formerly WRIF), Arjan Writes (, Mason Williams (formerly RHINO RECORDS), William “Fuzzy Fantabulous” West (formerly POWER 106), Ken Tucker (formerly COUNTRY WEEKLY) and Jerry Pulles (formerly LATINO 96.3). They work with tons of music experts to cover a huge spectrum of music, making sure the catalog is great for music fans and you’re always stocked with great listening choices. We also invited in our favorite trusted sources — PITCHFORK, ROLLING STONE, GRAND OLE OPRY, DOWNBEAT, DJ MAG, HOT 97/POWER 106, NAXOS, and many others — and built them right into the app, on mobile, no plugin required.”

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