Noel Groudin “Heaven Knows”

Noel Gourdin “Heaven Knows”

Noel Gourdin cover

Noel Gourdin… the artist that brought you

“The River” and

“Beautiful” is back with his new single

“Heaven Knows”

Already Playing On:

KBLX-San Francisco, KTWV-Los Angeles, WBAV-Charlotte,  WUHT-Birmingham,  KOKY-Little Rock,  WAKB-Augusta, KDKS-Shreveport, WKXI-Jackson, WBLK-Buffalo, WMPZ-Chattanooga, WTTH-Atlantic City, WXST-Charleston, SIRIUS-XM, Music Choice and more!

Watch the “Heaven Knows” video here:

“Noel Gourdin was someone who caught me off guard. I was like who in the hell has me driving down by this river? The voice and the music was something I had needed. He has it.”
A. Hamilton


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