Tosh JacksonGiven the relatively low number of high-profile African-Americans making their careers in rock music, the numbers in country music are likely even lower. Enter, Tosh Jackson, Program Director at Entravision’s KNTY-101.9FM (The Wolf) in Sacramento, California.  Jackson has taken a step up in assuming additional programming responsibilities for Entravision CHR sibling KHHM “Hot 103.5.”  Entravision Communications Executive VP of Integrated Marketing Solutions Karl Meyer comments that, “Tosh has displayed a proven track record of excellence at KNTY in a highly competitive market and has created a brand loyalty among ‘Wolf’ listeners.”  It is clear that he is the right person to also lead the effort.

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Jackson remarks, “When I began as KNTY’s Program Director three years ago, I didn’t have any hang-ups about taking the job, but I realized that I needed to really infuse myself in the music quickly.”  KHHM is a cornerstone in the Sacramento media space and I look forward to helping the station build upon its existing success in the market.  The talent and resources at KHHM are well positioned to progress in tandem with changing broadcast industry dynamics.  I am eager to add my experience and skills to the equation.”

Tosh is described as knowledgeable, energetic, strong and confident.  At the same time, he is also realistic about certain situations, such as the intersection of race and the “culture” within country music and doesn’t view it as a stumbling block of racial animus or barriers. His frequent visits to the country music mecca city of Nashville continue to bolster his firm standing in the format.

Country logo ToshTosh says that he’s actually become a country music fan even though does get the side eye when he’s bumping Carrie Underwood driving around Sacramento, especially the area that encompasses the hood. We can safely assume that he initially got some of the same looks at conventions and meetings early on his journey into the country
music world. The shock of an African-American programming country radio to some people who still quietly think it’s a white man’s gig is dissipating as Tosh has become a well-known figure in the Country format. At the end of the day, he’s not that Black Country music PD, he’s a man who stepped outside of the radio sandbox many get stuck in, garnered respect and done an outstanding job at doing so.

Tosh LionelJackson began his career at KHHM when it was KBMB “The Bomb,” where he was APD/MD as well as production and mix show coordinator.

Tosh & Country star/American Idol Judge Keith Urban

Tosh & Country star/American Idol Judge Keith Urban

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