Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg

Hot 97′s Cipha Sounds has been a mainstay on New York City morning airwaves for years. The veteran DJ is now looking to move out of that time slot for another gig.

During the recent Juan Epstein podcast, Cipha expressed his interest in taking over the 3 pm period on Hot. That time became vacant after Angie Martinez took a position at Power 105.

“I’m not coming back to mornings,” said Cipha.

The Morning Show co-host has been filling in during the afternoon. He mentions that he is “auditioning” for the permanent position, but other potential female hosts have been interviewed as well.

With Ciph potentially leaving the morning spot, names for the new show have been discussed at the station. Peter Rosenberg revealed interim PROGRAM director Jay Dixon is considering renaming it “Ebro In The Morning with Rosenberg.”

Both Rosenberg and Cipha also discuss how the new boss at the station allegedly did know that Cipha was a PERSONALITY at Hot and was unaware of his connections with established artists. They do think Ciph has a good chance of being Martinez’s fulltime replacement.

Cipha also shares that he was presented with a job offer from Power twice in the past. According to Ciph, the first proposal would have started him in the afternoon at 105 and then he would transition to the channel’s morning show. This was prior to the creation of the current Breakfast Club lineup for Power.

He also claims he was offered double his salary from Power. There are now reports that Angie Martinez’s salary was doubled to joined the rival channel.

“How could I ever leave Hot 97? What would Angie and Flex think of me if I left Hot?” Cipha said explaining why he stayed at the station. “I’d be a f**king embarrassment… Angie’s like ‘Yo, I’m out. When Angie left I was like, ‘This f**king b***h.’”

Cipha explains the sarcastic “b***h” comment was just his reaction for him passing on a position at Power because he thought Angie would be upset, but she was the one who jumped on the chance to make the move.

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