Like Fine Wine, Some Things Get Better With Time

ConFunkShun is back with a smash!

“Your Night”

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ConFunkShun “Your Night”

“Your Night” Trending at #23*!

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  1. Lars Michael Sørensen

    Very nice to hear they are back but it sounds more like Michael Cooper Solo, I fail to hear the nice background Vocals from the whole band and the falsetto from Felton Pilate. I never the less want to buy this on 12″ if available as I only buy Vinyl “The only true high definition” of listening to music.

  2. Dinah Roberts

    I actually thought it was Charlie Wilson. I like Confunkshun’s funk sound but I will buy it.

  3. A fan

    Ok, if I didn’t know any better I would think this is ma man Charlie Wilson…or one of Michael Coopers jams…now I love Michael and Charlie but, …did I say but….
    This is not Confunkshun’s sound. Where are the groups horns, the ones you know are Confunkshun’s horns when you hear it….where’s what’s his name, Felton, yes Felton Pilote (I think that’s his last name) anyways, maybe this jam should have been give to Charlie Wilson and Confunkshun given another. I’m not bashing, I like it, it’s nice, just not the Confunkshun sound I was looking forward too, it’s kinda like when groups have to settle with whatever is given to them just to have a record deal….
    A FAN

  4. MB

    Although I respect everybody’s opinion….this doesn’t sound anything like Charlie Wilson to me. (Please note I said TO ME!) To hear it sounds like Michael Cooper and not Con Funk Shun…..I don’t know what to say about that. There are many Con Funk Shun songs that Michael Cooper is the main lead singer and we have to remember this is a SINGLE and not an entire CD. Horns missing…yeah I’ll give you that but, again it’s only one song.

    Again, I respect everybody’s opinions so, I won’t go back and forth with how most social media blogs are. I never said you were wrong….I only gave my view.

    Patience my friends….patience!

    Continued Peace

  5. pam

    Just ok, not the confunkshun sound, I will buy the C D because I love confunkshun

  6. Raymond Coats

    Just got that Charlie Wilson feel! Does not sound like Charlie and does not sound like the Confunkshun that we are used to but one has to say something for the fact that it has the ‘up-to-date’ sound. No horns, no funky syncopated bass lines and no real piano playing!

  7. Ron

    I have listened to Con Funk Shun since their inception. Some have commented no horns are on this song but they are evident in the beginning and play underneath in different parts of the song. The group has made ballads before without horns…Loves Train comes to mind. Also, Felton is clearly heard during the song even though Michael is the main voice. Michael has led many Con Funk Shun songs…some without Felton and vice versa. And if people think this sounds like Charlie Wilson it should be the other way around. Michael was a solo artist long before Charlie. Don’t you remember Dinner for Two, My Baby’s House.

  8. TKayte

    BOTTOM LINE IT JAMS & PROOF is in the response OUT THE DOOR!!! CFS “RIDE IS ON”” An I am lucky enough to testify its just the warm up to whats coming. As a fellow hometown Vallejo girl I have heard it. There is to be no disappointment. The horns and PILATE are not left out anywhere. FYI- The comparison to. Charlie Wilson is astute as according to associates of the track was penned for CFS by a guy known for writing for Wilson. It sure hasn’t hindered the dynamo powerhouse of these players. Catching them LIVE at our fair!! These REAL.PLAYERS are on it all over. These age defying REAL.MEN are no “boy band” merely fronting their vocals with some chiseled out moves. This everything music has been missing. A blast to groove with and ZERO GLORIFIED RAUNCH to cover up what isn’t there. witnessing that its not.old school limited as its picking up.the ears of kids clueless to who CFS is.


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