Sunday was what they refer to as “music’s biggest night.” While some may have been just peachy with the Grammy Award festivities, others like myself were a little underwhelmed. This is the Indie Buzz’s take on the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Let’s start with the opening performance. I found the inclusion of classic rock legends AC/DC decent, but not quite up to par for a band that monumental to rock music. It just needed to be louder, more epic, and more in your face.

Next let’s talk about Sam Smith’s four wins. I didn’t necessarily have a problem with it, after all “Stay With Me” is one of the most recognizable pop love songs of 2015. His performance alongside Mary J. Blidge was exceptional as well.

Moving forward Kanye West’s performance of his new ballad “Only One” was dull to say the least. When compared to past performances like being accompanied with Daft Punk for “Stronger” you must admit that Yeezy basically just stood in place wearing a silk hoodie and track pants. I’m not too mad at him for his pro-Beyonce comments towards Beck. After all, what’s an award show with out an interruption from Yeezus himself? Although unique, his performance later in the night accompanied by Rhianna and Paul McCartney was even less interesting than the earlier one.

As someone who has known victims of domestic violence, I just felt the need to touch on this. Brook Axel, is absolutely beautiful! This was an unexpected tribute and one of the highlights of the ceremony.

While Pharrell’s performance of “Happy” was certainly fun for the whole family, I felt that his award acceptance was unusually awkward (almost as awkward as his little lollipop boy outfit.) One more thing to add: Wasn’t Happy’s heyday recognized last year?

Finally the Queen B came through and shut it down. You can always count on Beyonce for a strong performance and graceful acceptance speech. Well done Mrs. Carter!

Editors Notes:

  • We all know LL Coll J is bald. So why does he wear that stupid cap? You’re not fooling anybody but yourself Todd.
  • Madonna looks good for 56.
  • Kanye, fashion icon my ass!
  • Were these the “Sammy” Awards? Geez
  • Is Katy Perry pregnant? What’s with the tummy bump?
  • Mary J. Blige, reduced to a side act. Damn
  • Note to Jennifer Holiday: Reading is fundamental.
  • Everybody loves Prince. But will they support his new music?
  • Beck who?
  • The Grammy’s fell short this year.

One Response

  1. Rafikicov

    Yeezus did a three way. That must have been when I fell asleep and woke up for the end of the show. Grammy has got to do better. Was expecting a in you face show and was really underwhelmed. Knowing who runs the industry and then know who wins, unless you are happy and British. I don’t think I will be fooled into watching next year – that’s what cable is for. Indie – did you see Rhiannon Giddens sing last night on Letterman – now that was Grammy in your face singing. 🙂