barry weissWhen Barry Weiss did his abrupt exit stage left from UMG a little less than a year ago, there was rumbling that the son of Hy had a “situation” in development and now we know what that “situation” is. It was recently announced that Weiss had joined forces with , SONGS founder/CEO Matt Pincus and SONGS president Ron Perry in what some industry insiders say is an innovative label deal that may change the landscape of the manner in which music and technology connect.

Negotiations are said to be nearly completed and the ink may be dry by the end of the week. The Weiss/SONGS label is said to be in discussion with several potential distributors, with Sony Music named as a front runner.

Barry is son of the late Hy Weiss, music industry visionary and founder of Old Town Records(do your research kids) who is described as “one of the most colorful characters of the New York independent record business.” Many of Hy’s business operation ethics were instilled in Barry, which will easily lend to one of many reasons Barry remains a consistent major player as well as a survivor of the industry.

thSEZRIL6CFounded in 2004, Songs Music Publishing, also known as SONGS, is a wholly employee-owned music publishing concern with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. SONGS has represented more than 300 songwriters and producers across all genres of music including Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd, Lorde, DJ Mustard and Q-Tip. SONGS music placements in film include Fifty Shades of Gray, The Hunger Games-Mockingjay and The Interview. In addition to their large and diverse stable of songwriters and producers much of SONGS’ growth has been achieved through the signing of worldwide, exclusive co-publishing agreements with individual writers and through catalog acquisitions. Can you say this partnership reeks of a grand slam??

(will Weiss reach back for previous Urban music staffers and executives to being some color to his new “songs?”)