Motown 25

Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever, an updated version of the legendary Motown 25 TV Special, will premiere on most public television stations on February 28, 2015 at 8pm ET, then will repeat immediately following. TJ Lubinsky, executive producer and co-host of public television’s “My Music,” series has created a 7-CD set of original Motown Hits, classic album tracks and rarities to accompany the airing of this classic special.

Titled Motown: Big Hits & More, the boxed set is a compelling collection of not just “the same old songs,” but many of the radio hits, regional hits and flip side favorites from the Gordy, Soul and Tamla/Motown labels. “I had the chance to grow up from New Jersey to South Florida to Pennsylvania, so I heard Motown on the radio not only in the Garden State, but also in New York and especially in Philadelphia”, says Lubinsky. “This gave me a special taste for different flavors of classic Motown that each region of the country loved to hear on the radio.

“In putting together this unique 7-CD set, I wanted to create a unique package that featured all these great songs, including 25 new stereo mixes of classic songs,” Lubinsky elaborates. “We had the extraordinary opportunity to go through the Motown archives and have access to the original tapes and sessions, going back to the original stages and pre-mixed stages of recording sessions done at Hitsville gave us so many amazing surprises. Most often the songs went much longer than the fades we are used to hearing – and sometimes even extra verses were uncovered, like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles ad-libbing the line, ‘the tracks of my tears, I’ve been crying for years’ which has never been heard before because it was on the original session tapes past the fade-out on the 45.”

The entire CD collection will be available to members that pledge to public television stations during the February 28 national broadcast of Motown 25 (8pm ET, 7pm CT – check local listings), and at www.treasurycollection.comMotown 25 is under license from Berry Gordy’s West Grand Media and jointly distributed by StarVista Entertainment and TJL for public television stations.