Lifetime logoAfrican-Americans and Jewish folks have weathered enough trauma throughout their histories to survive Lifetime’s latest programming offering “Kosher Soul,” (how 1970’s), a trivial at best reality sitcom about (a whack) black comic (O’Neal McKnight) and his Jewish bride-to-be (Miriam Sternoff). What are the folks at Lifetime still smoking to think this show will last longer than the average manicure? Haven’t those of the African-American and Jewish persuasion already suffered enough over the course our respective histories?

Halfway through the premiere episode, this show screams of being little more than a halfhearted excuse to showcase McKnight’s standup act. The dialog is swimming in stereotypes about both groups, with a pretext that “love is blind and conquers all.” It’s a challenge to decide what is more outdated, the name of the show or the show’s “ebony and ivory” niche.

kosher soulTo persuade you from immediately searching for the remote, O’Neal clearly has to bring in his famous friends and ‘em including his cousin, music producer Andre Harrell and mogul Russell Simmons to talk about such issues as his betrothed’s attempt to fry catfish! McKnight is also a producer of the show and the rest is suspect, especially when he lumps stereotypes in to his “reality” scripting.

No shade, mixed-race couples are common enough now that cultural differences of any ethnic group should not be trivialized. This show may fare better as a scripted comedy and not a (non) reality offering. My take…this show is short on soul and long on WHT? Lifetime may soon be in need of a “lifeline.” You can make the decision February 25th at 10pm(est.). This show could make “Empire” look like a day at Girl Scout Camp!