It’s no surprise that collectives have re-established themselves back in hip-hop. We’ve seen OddFuture, A$AP mob, and Raider Klan just to name a few. Two-9 is the next squad to look out for.

The collective consists a hefty eight members in total: Curtis Williams, Key!, duo FatKidsBrotha which makes up of Johnny and Dave, the pair known as Retro Su$hi(Ceej & Jace), lone female member DJ Osh Kosh, and Original Fani.

Their mixtape B4FRVR is a classic from the first play. Songs that I’m feeling the most are “Never See Me Again” featuring Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd and “Did It” produced by one of the south’s hottest hit-makers, Mike-Will-Made-it. Although I appreciate the originality behind Two-9, I can’t help but notice the simple similarities to Odd Future because of the simple fact that they have a female DJ. Speaking of females, I feel like Two-9 noticeably lacks appeal to a female audience. Just take a look around the crib when you watch the video for “World Gone Crazy.”


If you’re looking for that gritty new south feel that doesn’t sound anything like Migos, look no further! I will definitely be downloading the next project from Two-9. Don’t think ratchet when you hear this Atlanta rap collective. Two-9 is what some are calling the south’s the south’s Wu-Tang!