LA ReidSources say, L.A. Reid, CEO of Epic Records, has been receiving death threats from an unknown rapper because he hasn’t helped Epic Records rapper Bobby Shmurda get out of prison. In a video posted online, an unknown rapper “calls L.A. out and saying he will ‘body’ the music mogul for not posting the money that will free Shmurda.” Shmurda supporters, have taken to social media with “WTH” type comments such as “Thank you @LA_Reid for being a slime & leading your @Epic_Records in screwing over a kid not even 21 @BobbyShmurdaGS9. Real proud moment 4 U”

Epic logoSince his arrest last December for alleged charges of gang relation, murder, drugs and a host of other crimes, Bobby Shmurda has also been unable to raise his $2 million bail, leaving many to wonder why the powers that be at Epic Records have not sprung their artist from a Manhattan jail. (Ooooh just fill in the blank!). In one of his few jailhouse interviews, Shmurda said, “When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me, but they never came.”

Shmurda BobbyThe Brooklyn rapper’s “Hot N****”  and Shmurda Dance craze last summer(which has apparently fizzled) was to have gained him a ticket out of East Flatbush(NY) and into a seven-figure, multi-album deal with Epic. Shmurda was also reportedly “promised” additional financial support, stardom and artistic freedom.

While Bobby Shmurda remains incarcerated and has still not been convicted of any crimes, the image of the label posting the $2 Million bail and sounds of a key opening his jail cell is a video shoot away from a fairy-tale storyboard. Rest assured, L.A. Reid is still among the living and indications point to Epic annulling the deal as Shmurda is said to have requested. There are apparently limits on loyalty between a record label and an artist.  No word if the music Shmurda has recorded will be surrendered to the label or released.Aint Nobody Got Time