Chubby Tavares “No Place Else I’d Rather Be”

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Chubby Tavares “No Place Else I’d Rather Be”

Chubby Tarvares “No Place Else I’d Rather Be”

Produced by Preston Glass

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Perpetual Gold

Working with Chubby Tavares is a joy… That may sound like an oxymoron (“work” and “joy”), but lead singer of the legendary vocal group Tavares makes it look easy. His decades as a successful recording artist, that voice so unmistakable on Top Ten hits such as “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel”; “More Than A Woman” and many others has led him to an inevitable pivotal point in his career — to do a top-notch solo album/CD.

ChubbyWhen Chubby and I sat down to discuss the direction of these new recordings, it is clear that we were on the same page; to not try and fix what isn’t broken, and yet, to do music that sounds fresh and true to what he lives and believes in.
There’re original songs included about his life experience, his observations, and while tackling some timeless themes as love relationships, still giving them a charismatic new approach. There are also 2 cover songs in which the man with the “golden pipes” gives his unique interpretations. The result, is a power-packed collection of songs that draw you in from start to finish. Thank you Chubby for allowing me to produce this inspiring project – one I know will be just the first of many with us!

– Preston Glass (Producer)