Mary J. Blige is being sued again for allegedly cancelling a concert in Dallas, so that she could perform with the Rolling Stones in New York. Vision Entertainment Worldwide (VEW) is suing Mary J. and her production company because she pulled-out of the December 9, 2012 gig. Blige reportedly was paid a deposit of $145,000 to perform but cancelled the concert a few days before it was scheduled to take place after she accepted the offer to perform with Mick Jagger and his band at the Barclays Center, according to TMZ. This is the latest in a series of money problems for Blige. It was just last month that she was hit with a $3.4 million tax bill after being accused of avoiding her US federal taxes for three consecutive years from 2009. In addition to her federal taxes, Mary also reportedly owes the State of New Jersey over $900,000 in back taxes. Mary was also sued earlier this year for allegedly defaulting on a $500,000 bank loan, which she took out between 2005 and June 2012. Seems like Mary J. just can’t escape poor money management  drama.