G HRep LogoJanuary 12, 2015 has come and gone as another day in the beginning of a new year. In the state of Georgia, it marked the first day of the 2015 legislative session and the day House of Representatives introduced HR 681. In this House of Representatives resolution, a group of elected officials (Democrats and Republicans) saw fit to recognize Georgia’s men and women in radio broadcasting. The resolution was formally passed on March 13, 2015.

Recognizing men and women in radio broadcasting, which includes the producers and hosts of radio shows, encompasses terrestrial, blog talk and internet radio, podcasts, DJ’s, traffic reporters and radio station managers. The resolution did not omit critical radio support staff and dedicated behind the scenes workers. Over the years, all of these talented individuals have made invaluable accomplishments and contributions bringing music, weather, news, and commentary to generations of the listening audience across the state of Georgia. There is little doubt that radio has enlightened and encouraged debate on issues that affect all citizens. In the early years, radio was the medium that kept the country and communities informed on what was going around the corner and across the world. Over the years and even more recently, radio, in all forms has proven to be just as important today. While our elected officials utilize social media these days to communicate, the airwaves are not discounted as a critical means to connect with voters of a certain age demographic.

NBPC logo (2) Georgia’s broadcast professionals are elated that the House of Representatives saw fit to commend men and women in radio broadcasting and recognize April 21-25, 2015, as Men and Women in Radio Broadcasting Week in the State of Georgia. Marsha Washington George, NBPC( National Broadcast Professionals Coalition*) Chairperson, says ”The dreams of many have come true as the hard working efforts of Dee Hill has provided this well deserving industry to receive a great recognition in the State of Georgia.

WAEC (Atlanta) Radio Personality and NCPC Parliamentarian Dee Hill, initiator of the resolution adds, “The power or radio does exist and I felt it was my mission to have our state elected officials understand and acknowledge the impact of our craft, not just for one week each year but also for future generations.  Musicians have a legacy, actors have a legacy and now radio in Georgia has established a legacy.”

GAHR_681 Photo

Georgia Broadcasters with Governor Nathan Deal (3rd from R)

*This organization was formerly known as the National Black Programmers Coalition and Young Black Programmers Coalition