Kendall MinterKendall Minter, Esq., one of the nation’s leading entertainment and media attorneys has published a new book entitled Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals: An Artist’s Guide To Negotiating 360 Record Deals. In this comprehensive music industry guide, Kendall shares his 35+ years of experience in the global music industry to educate and inform artists, independent label owners, producers, managers, lawyers and entrepreneurs on the nuances of the new business model for deals between artists and labels/music companies.

bookThe 360 deal, also known as an ancillary rights , multiple rights or passive income participation deal is the new and now standard business model between the recording artist and music company, which grants the company an economic interest and sometimes controlling rights to the artist’s non-record activities in the entertainment industry, including: touring, live appearances, merchandising, film, television, book publishing deals, product endorsements, licensing, fan clubs, website ads, live theater and music publishing.

Understanding and Negotiating 360 ancillary Rights deals examines the:

*Evolution of the 360 deal

*Scope of rights covered

*Key points to negotiate in order to minimize ( or maximize) the flow of income in ancillary areas from the artist to the music company

All major and most independent record companies are now including 360 provisions in their new and mid-level artist deals. Understanding the intricacies of these provisions and how to negotiate and navigate them is essential for all artists and music labels.

“Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals” was written and is now being shared with the music community to educate, inform and empower artists, indie label owners, producers, managers and attorneys with timely and useful information concerning the terms and conditions now contained in most artist recording agreements, whereby record companies receive a share of the artist’s income from touring, publishing,fan clubs, merchandising, endorsements, sponsorships, book deals, film and tv appearances. It is essential for the financial health and well being of all parties to fully understand and meaningfully negotiate the nuances and impact of these provisions. This book accomplishes that goal.”–Kendall A. Minter, Esq., Minter & Associates, LLC.

Kendall Minter has the #1 video on the internet which discusses the 360 deal,  it’s evolution and basic structure and can be found at: