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Kurtis BlowWhen rapper turned reverend Carl Guillard, CEO of “Savannah Feed The Hungry” realized the growing number of  children in his Georgia town on the brink of severe hunger he turned to another rapper turned reverend, Kurtis Blow to spread the word and participate in the organization’s 4th Annual SummerFest. On July 5 and 6 the goal of the event is to provide food and clothing to the community’s homeless and working poor not for two days but for the entire summer.   Many may remember the “King Holiday” project which Kurtis Blow co-produced or this involvement with Little Steven Van Zandt on the” Sun City” anti- apartheid project.  In that vein, he’s summoned several 80’s and 90’s classic artists such as Chuck D, Kool Mo Dee, Dana Dane and Afrika Bambaataa to record a single “Show Some Love.”  With vocals from Full Force, The Rude Boys and Maxine Jones of En Vogue the roster of participants lending their voices is growing daily. The single “Show Some Love” is scheduled to drop on September 1st and plans to stage events throughout the south and midwest are planned for August and September.  Filmed footage from the July event will be the basis for a video to raise awareness of hunger in the African American community. Kurtis says “Over 16,000 children go hungry every day. I know I am not going to wipe out hunger, but I will use my name, energy and all resources to refocus attention to this crisis that affects not only our communities but especially our children.  We owe it to them to feed them in every aspect including mentally and spiritually.” For more information, holla at ya girl T-Buzz or Reverend Carl Gilliard at 912 257 2699.

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