There are few bands in any genre whose entire catalog of music I own, but Passion Pit is an exception. The Boston hailing electronic indie-pop band just released a new album Kindred. At just ten tracks on the standard edition its another wonderful record. Their last album Gossamer is one of, if not my favorite albums of all time. The biggest difference between the two is the lyrical content that lead singer Michael Angelakos has. He’s a lot more positive on Kindred. Without a doubt the best song is “Where the Sky Hangs,” followed by “Ten Feet Tall.” That track shares such a Kanye West on MBDTF feel to it, that you’ll be screaming for Michael and Yeezy to hop in the studio together. Passion Pit is known for their brightness in song and melody, and that certainly shows on Kindred. Gotta give this album a 4/5 flies!

Watch the video for “Lifted Up (1985)” below!