One band who you can always count on to get you in the right mood is Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim. Their fifth studio album New Glow dropped last month and we just had the pleasure of listening to it from start to finish.  At just ten tracks, this it’s a nice album to ride around your neighborhood on a bike to or to film the next target commercial with. What separates New Glow from past work of the duo is the heavier use of electronic synths on most of the tracks. It reminds me of Xaphoon Jones’ work with Chiddy Bang or that of their touring buddies Passion Pit on Gossamer. Especially on the song “Hoodie On,” which reminds us not to be superficial and that Matt Keeps it simple with his hoodie on. Other nice tracks off of New Glow are “Stirred Up” which has a dope chopped and screwed hook to it, and “Get It.” But what’s missing from this Matt and Kim record is Kim’s heavy percussion that’s came through phenomenally on past songs like “Let’s Go” and their smash single “Daylight.” Also let’s take into account that it would’ve been nice to see a feature or two on here. Nevertheless, New Glow lands at a respectable 4/5 flies.

Watch the video for “Hey Now”