If the white girl winning top rap artist at the Billboard Music awards aggrevated you the other night, Indie Buzz has some Yellow to make you mellow! Meet New York City’s Awkwafina, who’s novelty hip-hop style is what we call Das Racist meets Margret Cho. When you watch the video for “NYC Bitche$” you might be reminded just a little bit of what Azelea Banks showed on her debut single “212.”

Awkwafina has her own take on the MySpace classic “My Dick” from Mickey Avalon on her track my  “My Vag.”

Without a doubt Awkwafina shows nothing but wit and creativity in all of her work. It’s only right that she’s down with fellow Asian rapper Dumbfoundead. Like every good New York emcee should, her lyrical content caters to the movement of the city. You’ll know exactly what we mean when you watch the video for “Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas).”

Awkwafina’s debut album Yellow Ranger is on iTunes!