Hov KanyeAccording to published reports, Kanye West is making big career changes. He’s allegedly dissociating himself from Jay-Z’s Tidal, firing Roc Nation and for the time being self-managing. Sources claim Kanye is taking these actions with the assistance of and incentive from his wife and her family. (Kris may be losing “her Bruce” as a client so what better replacement is there than cash cow son-in-law, Kanye?)





Beats-AppleThe release of West’s indefinitely delayed album is alleged to have some connection to Apple Music’s also delayed launch. Perhaps Jimmy Iovine found a loophole to court artists over to him team.

Questions loom such as when does Kanye’s current deal expire, will he be in breach to release an album via any means aside from the label and when will he and his in-laws get off of Jay and Bey’s jock??? Jay and Bey could run in place and Kimye still could not catch up, not even with momager Kris pushing the wheel barrel!! (#BeyonceAlwaysStaysOnTheBeat)……stay tuned!