Gone FishinRadio & Record Industry veteran Rick Nuhn is “hanging up his skates.” He made the announcement on Facebook last week. Here is a recap from Rick himself:

It’s an old adage, but appropriate for today…”Timing Is Everything” It’s Time for me to close this portion of my career and make a planned and exciting transition into the next phase.

I have done my last day at Concord Music Group and it was a fantastic run there and at Atlantic, East West, MJJ & Warner Brothers.

Rick & KevinI first cracked a microphone in the 70’s in Phoenix at KXTC, KOPA, KXAM, KZZP and KUKQ and then came to LA for mornings @ KGFJ then years later at KHHT here in Los Angeles! So as you can see I have been at this for a while…40 years!

Speaking of cracking a microphone… Some of you know that I, along with Ron Shapiro, have a nationally syndicated radio show Top 10 Now & Then. We had a 10 year run in Los Angeles, however a recent format change took us out of market #2 and I want to get back on in LA and 100 other markets as well! 

Top Ten Now and ThenI am dedicating the next phase of this journey to continue to develop Top 10 Now & Then!

It’s the right time…

I have been spending time recently reaching out to as many of my friends and colleagues in the record business and radio as I can personally.

I want to thank them ALL for a great 40 year run. Special shouts go out to Louie Enriquez, Steve Rivers, Kevin Fleming, Sylvia Rhone, Jerry Greenberg, Dwight Bibbs, Michelle S, Jill Weindorf and Ron Shapiro. They all were instrumental in making my career happen!


Check out the demo for Top 10 Now & Then 

You can reach Rick at [email protected]

“Congratulations my dear friend and brother. Enjoy the next leg of your journey. Let’s get on the golf course!” — Kevin Fleming, The Urban Buzz