Indie Buzz/PALM is proud to introduce a new concept to The Urban Buzz: Pretty Awesome Live Music! This is where we give a review of a live music event we attend and let you know about new emerging talent.

On June 3rd, the super group known as SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ tore down the House of Blues in Hollywood. The sold out venue was packed and eager to see Bones, Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddie Baker perform live. For months now, I’ve been patiently waiting for the next Odd Future like group to come out. A group with so much energy it can’t be contained, a group with charismatic artists releasing a host of solo projects, a group with an original sound and style to them. SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ just my be what the game’s been waiting for.

The super group was opened up by Memphis emcee Black Smurf along with Ohio horror-core rapper Dylan Ross. It was a solid performance highlighted with Black Smurf entering into the audience to perform his final song. The crowd was in a constant state of mosh pit throughout the whole show. It was so aggressive it would remind you of an audience to a punk band. SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ have an interesting blend of alternative hip-hop mixed with Trap music so when the four of them appeared on stage, the crowd went into utter chaos. Being all solo artists, they passed around the mic when each rapper did  his song. They were also accompanied by a drummer. The show ended in Bones, Xavier Wulf, and Chris Travis’s internet smash “We Don’t Believe You” which can be seen here:

Overall, the giant mosh pit was a bit much, but the energy these guys had on stage was one of a kind. We need a SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ collab mixtape ASAP! I have huge expectations for them and wish them the best of luck on tour. Catch SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ in a city near you!