mgm-resorts-internationalRadio One has invested $5 million dollars into MGM Resorts. A 23-acre casino and hotel complex om Prince George’s County Maryland. “We believe that it’s the start of a great partnership with them and just another effort on our part to use our platform to build value in other areas, It’s a relatively low-risk and high-return effort,” commented Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins. The deal calls for MGM to use Radio One stations in Washington, Baltimore and Richmond to promote the casino for five years after the doors open, an event currently scheduled for JULY 2016. Radio One has the option of investing another $35 million in an arrangement that will ultimately give it a stake of about 6.6% in the casino after three years. Terms of the deal include a “put” clause that gives Radio One the option to force MGM to buy out its stake whenever it chooses. Radio One is already doing business with MGM in Detroit, where it also owns a casino.