Greg Make Show Stations across the country are eating up the Classic Hip Hop/R&B format. Now there’s a show that features Classic Hip Hop Hits by one of the originators of the Hip Hop genre. The Greg Mack Show is hosted by the Legendary Greg Mack, often referred to as the “Godfather of Hip Hop Radio”, having started the format known today as CHR Rhythmic, via 1580 KDAY-Los Angeles! Greg Mack2So with the new interest in Classic Hip Hop, The Greg Mack Show is a natural accompaniment to stations going old school. “Where it’s being done right, the format is thriving,” says Mack. “It has to have that right mixture of music… I always like to say, you can’t just give the listeners steak and lobster, you have to throw in a baked potato, some asparagus (yuck), some cheesecake, and some other well rounded descriptions for a meal. That’s what our show is about. More importantly, even though some stations that carry our show are not PPM, we do make the show very PPM friendly, lots of non-stop music, very little talk!” While radio is his game, Greg Mack was prominently a part of the platinum hit “Radio” along with the late rapper, Eazy-E, produced by Dr. Dre. Greg Mack on 1580 KDAY was instrumental in introducing us to music from NWA, Tone Loc, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane, and so many more, but Greg also exposed Dance Acts to their very first airplay such as Lisa, Lisa & Cult Jam, The Cover Girls, Trinere, Debbie Deb, and so many others. Not only does Greg Mack feature the music on his show, he started most of it! The Greg Mack Show features one of the best “Classics Mixers” in radio, DJ Shy! from San Diego. The Greg Mack Show is currently airing on: “Magic 92.5” XHRM-San Diego; “Old School 104.7” KQIE-Riverside; “Groove 99.3” KKBB– Bakersfield; “Groove 100.1” WVVE-Panama City Beach; “Old School 95.9” KOCP-Oxnard/Ventura; “106.3 The Groove” KTGV-Tucson; “Old School 94.5” KQAV– Lancaster/Palmdale; KBHT-Waco and more to come. Greg Mack Show graphic For information on The Greg Mack Show contact Ed Mann at Mann Group Radio, [email protected]