Maxine_JonesFormer En Vogue member Maxine Jones has been shut down in her multi-year long battle with her ex-band mates, with the court ordering that the singer can never use the band name again to promote herself or any performances.

En Vogue members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis filed a federal lawsuit against their former band mate Maxine Jones for 1 million dollars back in 2012. They accused her of illegally using the band name to promote her performances, despite them owning the trademark to “En Vogue”. Maxine blasted her former group mates and demanded the judge allow her to continue using the name for concerts.

However, the judge came back with his decision and ordered Cindy and Terry to be the rightful owners of “En Vogue” and only they can use it. The order stated that no damages would be awarded because they failed to provide evidence they were harmed, but they still win the exclusive rights to En Vogue.

Maxine headed back to court following the order and filed an appeal in the case. She demanded the court find the judge ruled in error and overturn the original decision. Her ex-band mates fought back stating the judge made the right decision.

Then on June 22nd, the federal appeals court came back with its decision and SHUT DOWN Maxine’s attempt to get the right to use En Vogue back.

The order states that during Maxine’s previous legal battle with Cindy and Terry, the arbitrator did not side with her ex-band mates due to bias. It is noted that Maxine never attempted to take depositions in the case and doesn’t present any evidence she tried.

Maxine was shut down in her final attempt to get the rights to “En Vogue” back … and it was ordered she can never use the name again.