Nowadays we don’t get too many double EPs, so I was curious to see what Denzel Curry was going to do on his sophomore project 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms. For what it’s worth, the Miami emcee and member of Raider Klan makes a pretty solid effort. I enjoyed his first album Nostalgia 64 but felt that it had better lyrical content than this new project. The single “Ice Age” featuring Mike Dece is nothing short of a summer smash. The following track Delusional Shone featuring Twelve’len is one of the better songs too. The track “Underwater” is pretty reminicent of Curren$y’s “Airborne Aquarium” (a PALM classic). Most of the production on 32 Zel / Plantet Shrooms is well executed. However, I felt a bit underwhelmed with the no-name features and recycled weed rap lines. Overall, Denzel Curry is a fairly talented emcee and is one of the most promising names out of South Florida. 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms lands at 4/4 flies.

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