FB No logoMore than a year ago, Facebook’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ime Archbong stated the company was seeking to fragment its offerings to stretch across social platforms and “more.” As recent as one week ago, the buzz across the industry from very reliable sources revealed numerous meetings with record labels and Facebook where taking place at a near NASCAR speed to secure deals and launch a music video business. Just yesterday, sources at Music Ally claimed that Facebook is in fact looking to enter the on-demand streaming business to compete with Apple, Google, Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Microsoft, Pandora, SoundCloud and any other streaming entity. facebook-musicThe business casual crew of executives at Facebook are singing a very different tune. In a released statement, Facebook says it has “no plans to go into music streaming” although word from the curb stands by a claim that says Facebook has expressed interest in some type of cost effective music integration into its platform that won’t mirror the operations of possible aforementioned competitors. If Facebook does dip into the music streaming business, don’t press “play” just yet as this could take quite a long while. How many months did it take Apple to finally launch and after how many delays and how many politicians denied they were 2016 candidates as they were loading millions into their campaign accounts? Hell no Tie In a year or so, with numerous music streaming offerings from which one can choose, will anyone care much about a Facebook music video launch?       I’m just sayin’……..