Sha Sha  Jones photo1From an early age, Sha Sha Jones exhibited an impressive singing talent an undeniable aptitude for great song-writing. Her Oklahoma roots played an instrumental role in her formation as a polite, genteel but determined and driven performer. A meeting with local music producers launched a period of development where Sha Sha truly began to master her craft. She soon became a regional household name due to constant appearances on radio and energetic live performances. Internet buzz soon followed with overwhelming response to her YouTube channel. Being related to music industry figures has afforded Sha Sha access to some of the best advice any musician can receive. The late Donda West (an Oklahoma native), cousin, and mother of superstar artist Kanye West, was an early source of support. Through Ms. West, Sha Sha met Kanye, who gave her some of the most valuable advice to date. As Sha Sha recalls, Kanye let me know that nothing was given to him in the music industry, and that everything he accomplished, he had to earn on his own pop cultural merit. Coming from arguably one of the most innovative artists of the 21st century, this advice motivated Sha Sha to think more critically on career building decisions; especially where to best launch her brand.  In 2009, a pivotal and important move to Los Angeles made all the difference as she linked with several popular producers that were able to bring the best out of her recording and writing. Meetings with cutting edge music companies were encouraging and inspiring.  Sha Sha and her management continued to work and field promising opportunities.  Hard work and persistence would soon pay off in Jones’ landing career-making placements. Among other valuable credits, Sha Sha wrote the R&B radio hit and chart topper, “MIA” for Omarion. She co-wrote a single for Jacob Latimore with Eric Bellinger. Also, she has earned co-writing credit for work with Tamar Braxton and her latest single, “The One” featuring . Jones’ is currently building working relationships and rapport with the music industry community, recording, performing, and writing hits upon request for some of pop music’s most current chart topping artists. Listen to Sha Sha’s new song, I JUST WANNA (new-radio). You’re going to hear much more from Sha Sha Jones very soon.

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    …In other words, Kanye told Sha Sha, “Don’t expect me to put you on!”