It’s always a happy day when an artist first broken right here on Indie Buzz reaches critical acclaim all over. Babebo Baggins, leader of the all girl hip-hop collective Barf Troop just dropped a solo mixtape titled POSI+IVE (pronounced Positive). This is a great release with some excellent tracks from start to finish. We like the way the mixtape is divided into two sides, side A consisting of hip-hop tracks, and side B consisting of smooth R&B melodies. There’s some cool production on this mixtape from Childish Gambino and Michael Uzowuru, who’s worked with Odd Future. Babeo is accompanied by Barf Troop members Babenstein and Babe Simpson on the track “Team,” and Babe Simpson makes another appearance on the following track “Hero.” This is definately a must hear project for the summer. Babeo Baggins shows skills as a lyricist as well as a vocalist. The only thing holding POSI+IVE back from 5 flies is the lack of a feature from a well establish artist. 4.5/5 it is!

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