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Earl Boston Inc. Can Help Your Station:

Maximize Music Scheduling Efficiency

Improve Time Management

Enhance Song to Song Transitions

Increase Time Spent Listening

Master Song Attribute Coding & Rule Parameter Settings


Earl Boston

Earl Boston Inc. (EBI) provides time management and music scheduling services for the radio industry. We are not a general radio consultancy. We assist radio programmers with time management principles, precise music category rotation techniques and database maintenance and efficiency. In this highly competitive broadcast marketplace, successful programmers are required to win while performing multiple tasks. Using the services of EBI will reinforce the attention to detail it takes to have a competitive advantage over the competition. With years of intense studies on many of the top music-scheduling applications, along with 20 plus years of broadcasting experience, EBI has become an invaluable service empowering today’s radio professionals.

“Earl Boston enhances music-scheduling software like nobody in the business. Programmers I consult have demanded his assistance to get their app to run at its ultimate efficiency. His patient coaching style works to encourage the person to be more confident and computer literate. Earl is the one!” –Steve Smith, Director of Radio Programming, Cox Media Group

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