Jill Scott5I’ve been blessed to see many concerts over the years… many great shows from superstar acts like James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston and others. Memorable concerts have great performances, musicianship and sounds … Last week I saw a show that blew me away. I witnessed a showcase that was filled with talent, confidence, and strength, a connection with the audience and an incredible amount of swag… Jill Scott is a boss! She has all the elements of a superstar and puts on one hell of a live show. Jill’s performance at The Greek Theatre in LA last week was in a word, amazing! Jill_Scott_WomanShe’s strong, bold, honest, raw, sexy, raunchy, and she can sing her ass off. Jill show takes the audience on a joy-full roller-coaster ride of emotions. She and her band performed every song you want or need to hear from her 15 year career including songs from her new “Woman” CD. While adult Black women made up the bulk of the audience, Jill appeals to a diverse crowd; even my 22 year-old son sang along and partied hard with me. Everyone had a great time at the show. I’m encouraging everyone to see it and experience the “Boss Lady” yourself.

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  1. Rafikicov

    Excellent!. Scott has a solid voice, band sound and all the elements of a super singing star. Great to hear about her performance.