It’s only right that we review this new free EP from past PALM-ers $uicideBoy$ and Pouya. This spring we heard Pouya’s debut album South Side Slugs and a few projects from $uicideBoy$ including their mixtape Gray/Grey which we reviewed. Now it’s time that the New Orleans duo and the Miami emcee get together and drop something beautiful.

First of all let’s acknowledge that of course we LOVE the cover of this mixtape for obvious reasons. We’ve been fans of G*59 records for most of 2015 and welcome the release of $outh $ide $uicide. Really when it comes to this free EP there’s not a whole lot of re-inventing going on here. It’s the same type of cloud rap that we’ve been hearing from the $uicideBoy$ all along. Chopped and screwed samples get old after a while along with the same old flows. Between the $uicideBoy$ and Pouya nobody really comes with a spectacular verse the entire time on this five song project. However, the absolute hardest track that will blow you away is the second track “Muddy Blunts.” The singing on there is a refreshing twist that is definitely the highlight of the EP. Additionally the closing title track is pretty dope too.

Between the nondescript lyrics and repetitive beats, $outh $ide $uicide isn’t really one to write home about. As far as some new cloud rap to bump in the whip, it gets the job done. The one really enjoyable song boosts the free EP to a 2.5 palms.

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