Without a doubt Aer is a group Indie Buzz has supported since day one. Their debut 2012 album The Bright Side is a classic in our book and we’ve remained loyal fans ever since. Their self titled sophomore album from 2014 was decent but didn’t quite have that fresh feeling we got on The Bright Side. Last month the Boston duo released their third record One of A Kind, which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

One of A Kind is different from the first two Aer albums because it’s more love song geared. With singles like “The Rain” this album takes the acoustic path more rather than the boom-bap hip hop sound which was more prevalent on their last record. If I had to pick a favorite track off One of a Kind it would have to be the other single “Keep You Here.” To be honest the “let’s get high and chill” hook on the song “Make Do” was disappointing.

Overall the album was OK. In all actuality when it comes to Aer’s discography, The Bright Side was really like nothing we’d ever heard before. Like Sublime, Kid Cudi, and Mac Miller all rolled up into one big joint. The second record had a few enjoyable songs but didn’t have that replay value that its predecessor had. This third album lacked more in strong points and seemed to be more invested in love songs for 16-year old girls. Truthfully a group like Aer doesn’t really need guest appearances, although it would’ve been nice to see one. However, I am quite proud of Aer for carving out their own niche from the overwhelming college rap scene and being three commercial albums strong. With that being said One of a Kind will find itself at 3/5 flies/palms.

Watch the video for “The Rain”

Watch the video for “I Can’t Help It”

Watch the video for “Keep You Here”

Watch the video for “One of a Kind”

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