SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ have exploded in popularity this year. The four man super group has been touring like crazy along with each member dropping mixtapes. Memphis rapper, Chris Travis and member of SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ just released his new project Art of Destruction for free on soundcloud. Now Chris isn’t the best rapper in the world, however if you’re looking for some new semi-trap rap to blast in your car, you’ve come to the right place. Art of the Destruction has a bunch of hard tracks like “Poplar,” “Chills,” “With My Friends,” “You Don’t Know,” and “Sick.” We would’ve loved to see a guest appearance on this project from Bones, Xavier Wulf, Eddy Baker or even Robb Bank$, but sadly there were no features whatsoever. Sometimes Chris’ whinny harmonizing gets a little annoying, but it can be catchy too. Again, Chris Travis is by no means a lyricist but this tape slaps all the same. Art of Destruction comes in at 3.5/5 palms.

chris travis & me



Chris Travis and I at The Roxy Theater in L.A. back in July.

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