When we first heard Fetty Wap’s debut self-titled was on the way we were eager to give it a listen. The New Jersey singer/rapper has been dominating the charts this year with four singles all from this record. When listening to this record all of these tracks appear so it doesn’t really have that 100% fresh feel to it. Although all of these songs are pretty enjoyable, it would’ve been nice to see more new stuff. Outside of these, the album hasn’t have a whole lot to offer. The production is mostly trap-stylized, and some of the lyrics get old quickly. The biggest turn off of the album is the lack of famous features. That Monty dude doesn’t do much other than sound like a not as good Fetty Wap. The melodies on all these songs are all pretty nice, to spite the repetitive adlibing of “Yeah Baby” that Fetty Wap does. This record is far from the greatest I’ve ever heard, with little replay value. It’s difficult to place a rating on this one because of the amount of hits on here, but I wouldn’t be quick to recommend it.

Watch the video for “679”

Watch the video for “My Way” feat. Monty

Watch the video for “Trap Queen”


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