Janet Jackson is one of the most beloved, best-selling, most awarded and successful artists in contemporary music history and her Unbreakable concert is two hours of back-to-back, non-stop Jam & Lewis crafted hits! It’s like a party where the band is playing DJ– mega-mixing the songs one after another while Janet and her incredible dancers are gyrating and executing precise choreography on the stage. You get caught up in it, 30 years of hits. Every song you need to hear. You nod your head, move your feet and before you know it you’re shaking your ass and letting your freak flag fly! Janet’s still got it, she knows how to bring it and Jimmy & Terry have produced the music for one hell of a show! Unbreakable is simply amazing! If you get a chance to see it… Go Deep! I saw Unbreakable at the Forum in LA! Among the 17,000 fanatics in the building were Beyonce and Blue Ivy, Queen Latifah, Channing Tatum, Shondra Rhimes, Byron Scott and others. Thanks to Ken Wilson and Rhythm Nation/BMG.

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Beyonce and Blue at JJ