The Game is an artist who I’ve fallen in an out of fanhood with. His 2005 debut album The Documentary is an album my generation would probably call a classic. The Game has had an interesting career path to say the least since the release of this album, including beefing with a smorgasbord of artist (most notoriously 50 Cent and G-Unit). Although at times I’d stray away from listening to anything new he’d put out, it’s hard not to expect The Game as a lyricist.

The Documentary 2 is actually a very solid album. We’re talking top notch production with classic hip-hop samples along with a dope host of features. The Game stays true to his gangster rap roots and punchlines all throughout the record. A few of my favorite songs are  “On Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar, “A Dollar and A Dream” featuring Ab-Soul, and “Don’t Trip” featuring Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and All in all The Documentary 2 is enjoyable and surely worth listening to. 4/5 PALMS for The Game.

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