As you can imagine, it’s a major transition to move from sunny Los Angeles all the way to south-eastern Virginia for college. Luckily there’s a few individuals out there who share the same struggle as I once did. Hampton University sophomore Morris Taylor aka MoThoro is definitely an emcee by the sea you want to look out for.

On his debut mixtape ThoroLyfe: Transition, MoThoro shows not only a lot of potential but a tremendous amount of raw talent. Not only is he a sharp lyricist, he’s also produced the bulk of his mixtape. As a Hampton University alum, personally the most enticing track is “Another Day at HU/HU.” Along with that, his single “Tryna Get Active” is pretty dope along with “Been a Minute” featuring Rasul Shabazz.

We expect nothing but big things from MoThoro to come. Listen to his debut mixtape ThoroLyfe: Transition here:

Watch the video for “Tryna Get Active”

Watch the video for “Iont Really Care”



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